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Aiko Mail
How I redesigned the email experience which remained largely unchanged since its inception in the 70s.

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Duration: 3 months (Latest version)

Goal: redesign the email experience

Work: UI/UX research and design, landing page, animations, deck, branding, frontend design, product management. I used these softwares and frameworks:

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Visual Studio Code HTML
Github CSS Vue JS
Spotify (for motivation)

The Problem

People find themselves spending hours sorting, reading, writing and organizing an excessive amount of messages.

While there have been some advancements in email technology, such as the introduction of web-based email and mobile apps, these changes have mainly been incremental and have not fundamentally changed the way that email works.

The Research and interviews

Main Findings

People spend too much time reading, writing, organizing emails.

Most emails are unimportant, irrelevant, spam or subscriptions.

A lot of people use unread emails as a to-do list which is inefficient.

Using these observations, I went back to the drawing board and started ideating…

User Experience Brainstorm (UX)

One of the biggest challenges in redesigning email software is the need to balance innovation with familiarity. Many people are used to the way that the traditional inbox works and any significant changes to the interface or functionality could be confusing or frustrating for users.

The goal is to transform email into the great tool it was designed to be rather than the chore it is today which is why I need to focus on its biggest pain points.

Let's break down the keywords I found most important to fix the inbox user interface.

Email needs to be visual and focused, to find what you need quickly with no clutter. It needs to be intuitive so people know how to use it out of the box. It also needs to save time, so we’re going to need good automation.

Note: Due to the nature of this software, the user experience can be greatly improved by so-called accelerators such as keyboard shortcuts, touch gestures, or voice control.

Kanban is visual and intuitive

Kanban is a project management method that was originally developed by Toyota in the 1950s to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing process. It is now widely used in various industries and has proven to be particularly effective in task management and organization.

Kanban for email is truly novel and is a great way to visualize and organize emails for every industry:
Accounting: invoices, receipts, and bills.
Marketing: newsletters, promotions, and ads.
Sales: leads, prospecting, and follow-ups.
HR: job applications, interviews, and onboarding.
And so on.

Adding focus and automation

Now that our app is visual and intuitive, we need it to be focused and automated.

I added focus by creating a Priority/Other switch, using AI to filter unimportant emails.

I added automation with what I call the Board Rules.
Using AI, this feature helps you automatically sort emails into boards based on their intent. Let's say Aiko Mail detects a scheduling intent, you can create a board called 'meetings' and all of them will migrate there automatically.

Bonus: some fun AI writing

Thanks to the very talented engineers at Aiko Mail, a feature I called Aiko Scribe was born. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate personalized, coherent and relevant emails saving users time and effort and allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

With this addition, Aiko Mail sets a new standard for productivity and innovation in the email space.

UI Design

Section in progress...
Check out Aiko Mail website here.


Section in progress...
Check out Aiko Mail website here.

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